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Höchst city center project (Part 1)

Höchst city center project, close to Central Park, walking directly to the Main River

The central location of Höchst in Frankfurt.
Modern five-storey apartment building design, 1 to 3 bedroom beautiful apartment. 36㎡-76㎡ optional
Innovative design, energy-saving and environmentally friendly home design

It is close to the city's Central Park and a 2-minute walk to the Main River. It is a livable high-end residential area with its prosperous urban life and natural green oxygen bar.

The transportation is convenient, and the light rail directly connects to Frankfurt Central Station.
Surrounding facilities are complete, kindergarten, school, supermarket, hospital, clinic, pharmacy, bakery, restaurant, post office, hotel, bank, everything.

And equipped with sports facilities, so that people can relax after a fast-paced work.
In the fall of 2021, the house will be handed in.

To be continued.......

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