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Höchst City Center Project (Part 2)

Höchst City Center Project (Part 2)
Traffic situation:
• The 11th station is at the entrance of the district, and you can reach Frankfurt Main Station in 20 minutes
• The distance to the airport is 14km, and it can be reached in more than 10 minutes by car
Estimated delivery time:
project type:
Hardcover apartment, five floors above ground
Recommended room type: WE 76
• Floor: top floor in Germany, five floors in China
• Orientation: south-facing, 180-degree L-shaped balcony
• Room area: 71.68㎡, open kitchen
Purchase cost:
• Apartment selling price (including hard decoration): 508.928,00 euro
• Kitchen furniture appliances (soft decoration): 17900 euros
• Aboveground garage: EUR 20,000, underground garage: EUR 22,500
= 549328 Euro
Additional cost of house purchase:
Real estate purchase tax 6%, notarization fee and real estate registration fee 2%
= 42514.24 Euro
Total: 591842.24 Euro

Purchase fund planning: (for domestic customers who do not have a permanent residence permit in Germany)
• Down payment: 50% + 8% (additional cost of house purchase) = 343,268 euros
• Estimate: Annual loan repayment rate: 2-3%, annual principal repayment ratio: 2%, then approximately monthly repayment: 830 euros
Rental income:
• Furnished rentals, monthly rents with guaranteed minimum cold rent of 18 euros/month/square meter. According to the current (started in 2018) the company's newly leased company
Judging from the situation, the monthly rent for cold rents has exceeded 20 Euro/month/square meter.
• Based on the calculation of 20 euros/month/square meter, the rent for furnished cold rent of apartment WE 76 is about 1433.6 euros.
Free basement (customers on all floors)
The top floor terrace is included in the total area of the house based on 0.5 times the area.

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